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Manhattan Physical Therapy

Manhattan Physical Therapy and Pain Center is a leader in pain relief and injury recovery located in Midtown New York City. The four specialized physical therapists on staff go beyond standard physical therapy by challenging their client???s bodies to build core strength, flexibility, and increase range of motion.

Manhattan Physical Therapy and Pain Center has an excellent track record of success treating back pain caused by strains, degenerative disc disease, piriformis syndrome, spondylolisthesis or whiplash injuries.

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Can Physical Therapy Help Relieve Headaches?

No one enjoys having a headache. Whether you are suffering from a tension headache, a sinus headache or a migraine you just want to get rid of it, and fast. Most headaches are harmless and eventually subside on their own, but then there are the ones that are recurring and have an impact on your normal daily activities.

Tension headaches are the most common type of headaches among adults. They can be caused by a number of different things such as neck problems, poor posture, stress or fatigue. The good news is that physical therapy can actually help relieve tension headaches for good. It is a great option for those who wish to get rid of their headaches without the use of medication.

Your physical therapist will talk with you about what activities usually cause your headaches. They will also examine your posture, measure your range of motion in your neck and shoulders and use some manual therapy to check the joints and muscles in your neck. If you do in fact suffer from tension headaches, your physical therapist will work with you to design a plan of care that will meet your goals.

Some Treatment Options May Include:

–    Strengthening exercises that increase muscle strength in the neck and shoulder areas

–    Stretching exercises that improve the range of motion in your neck and shoulders

–    Massage therapy may be used to relieve the tension in specific areas that is causing your headaches

–    Education about lifestyle changes you should make to relieve your headaches

Physical therapy for the treatment of headaches in extremely effective and can work very quickly. A skilled physical therapist is trained to treat movement restrictions that are often associated with headaches. If you feel that you may suffer from tension headaches, you should contact your primary healthcare provider so they can refer you to a physical therapist to see what treatment options are available for you.