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Manhattan Physical Therapy and Pain Center is a leader in pain relief and injury recovery located in Midtown New York City. The four specialized physical therapists on staff go beyond standard physical therapy by challenging their client???s bodies to build core strength, flexibility, and increase range of motion.

Manhattan Physical Therapy and Pain Center has an excellent track record of success treating back pain caused by strains, degenerative disc disease, piriformis syndrome, spondylolisthesis or whiplash injuries.

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Physical Therapy Options for Headache Pain

Nearly everyone gets a headache every now and then. In most cases, they are a rare occurrence and go away with some rest and relaxation. However, some headaches can linger and cause a great amount of pain. While medications can provide relief, physical therapy can be the key to getting rid of your headache pain for good. Here is a look at physical therapy options for headache pain.

Physical Therapy Options for Headache Pain

Why Choose Physical Therapy?

Most people turn to medications like Tylenol or Aspirin for headache pain relief. While they can be effective at removing the immediate symptoms, they are not viable long-term solutions. You need to address the underlying cause of the headache, which can often by a physical issue. Physical therapy can help you correct physical issues like body alignment or pinched nerves that can lead to a reduction of pain and the stimulation of positive hormones that improve your health.


Headaches can often be the result of another part of your body not working correctly. For example, small muscles can increase your physical stress, which can lead to a stress headache. The key to treating the headache is to find the muscle that is contributing to it. An examination by a physical therapist can reveal muscle issues and tension that can lead to a headache. A skilled physical therapist can stretch the muscle and make it functional again. Once that stress is gone, your headache should subside.

Body Alignment

While muscle issues are a common cause of headaches, body alignment issues can be a deeper underlying factor. Your body is designed to work a specific way and when a part of your body is out of alignment, it can affect the rest of your body. For example, your spine is made out of many bones. If one is out of alignment, your entire back and core have to compensate to keep you walking. This can lead to physical stress throughout your body, which can lead to a headache that won’t go away. A skilled physical therapist can help you realign your spine so that everything works without added stress.

Nerve Stimulation

Stimulating nerves is another good way to relieve headaches. Your nerves are connected directly to your brain, and your brain responds to nerve impulses to keep your body functioning. If you have a headache, you can use nerve stimulation techniques to have your brain produce hormones that reduce stress and pain, as well as headaches. A skilled physical therapist has several ways of stimulating nerves through massages or body movements. That way, you have a reliable means of stopping headaches when they start.

Ready to Get Started?

Headaches shouldn’t be the thing that stops you from doing what you need to do. There is always a cause and you have plenty of options to treat them. If your headaches are making your life difficult and you need a treatment that will work, contact the Manhattan Physical Therapy and Pain Center today at (212) 213-3480 to learn how we can help.