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Manhattan Physical Therapy

Manhattan Physical Therapy and Pain Center is a leader in pain relief and injury recovery located in Midtown New York City. The four specialized physical therapists on staff go beyond standard physical therapy by challenging their client???s bodies to build core strength, flexibility, and increase range of motion.

Manhattan Physical Therapy and Pain Center has an excellent track record of success treating back pain caused by strains, degenerative disc disease, piriformis syndrome, spondylolisthesis or whiplash injuries.

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How Sports Therapy Can Improve Your Performance

Did you know that physical therapists aren’t just intended for those who have experienced injuries? They can also improve your general performance as an athlete. Sports therapy is designed for athletes based on the specific type of athlete. The type of sport you participate in also plays a big role in your sports therapy program. Generally, sports therapy is goal oriented. This means that the physical therapist will design a sports therapy program tailored to you working towards your overall goals as an athlete.

How to Start a Sports Therapy Program:

–    The first thing you need to do is schedule a consultation with a licensed physical therapist. They will be able to determine which sports therapy program is best for you based on your specific goals.

–    The physical therapist will perform an evaluation and various performance tests to decide if sports therapy is right for you. They will also identify any weaknesses you currently have and determine what areas you need the most help with.

–    You will be given detailed instructions and guidelines dependent upon the findings of the physical therapist. The overall goal of sports therapy is to enhance performance while preventing injury.

It is imperative that you follow all instructions given to you by your physical therapist. You may even be given exercises to do at home to further enhance your athletic performance.

When you are searching for a physical therapist to assist you in improving your athletic performance, it is important that you find someone who is trained in all aspects of sports therapy. You must be willing to go through various testing and evaluations to begin a sports therapy program. You must also be willing to follow the advice given by your physical therapist to ensure you get the most your of your sports therapy program.