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Manhattan Physical Therapy and Pain Center is a leader in pain relief and injury recovery located in Midtown New York City. The four specialized physical therapists on staff go beyond standard physical therapy by challenging their client???s bodies to build core strength, flexibility, and increase range of motion.

Manhattan Physical Therapy and Pain Center has an excellent track record of success treating back pain caused by strains, degenerative disc disease, piriformis syndrome, spondylolisthesis or whiplash injuries.

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Physical Therapy for Stroke Patients: Part of a Complete Care Program

Suffering a stroke is a major medical event for anyone, regardless of age or gender. It is critical to seek emergency medical care right away. Full recovery, though, takes a long time and typically involves physical therapy as well as other treatments. Here is what to expect from physical therapy following a stroke.

Physical Therapy for Stroke Patients: Part of a Complete Care Program

In the Hospital

You will likely start physical therapy while still in the hospital, to regain as much physical function as possible. After an initial physical assessment to determine your current physical status and make a customized list of treatment goals, your physical therapist will create a treatment plan. To minimize blood clots and reduce the chance of long term mobility issues, the physical therapist may ask you to get out of bed and start walking around, if possible. Otherwise, the physical therapist will work with you while you are in bed to increase your mobility and prevent blood clots from developing.

After Hospital Discharge

Depending on your condition and what support systems you have in place, you may be able to continue with your physical therapy while living at home. This will likely require you to have someone available to stay with you and drive you to your appointment. If this is this an option for you, expect to see your physical therapist several times a week.

Intensive Inpatient Rehab

If you live alone and don’t have someone to stay with you for a few weeks, or you sustain more serious side effects from the stroke, your doctor may advise you to enter an intensive inpatient rehab. In this case, you will live in a rehab facility for a few days, weeks, or months to regain your strength and mobility. You’ll likely have several physical therapy sessions a day to relearn skills and regain physical functioning.

Speech Therapy

While you’ll work through most of your speech therapy with a trained speech therapist, physical therapy may also be a part of this process. Your physical therapist can help you with exercises that help redevelop key muscles in your mouth and jaw that are related to speaking.

Around 10% of people who suffer from a stroke are able to make a full recovery. What you do in the weeks following the stroke has a huge impact on how much mobility, strength, and function you’ll be able to regain. Give yourself the best chance of recovery by working with a highly qualified physical therapist with the right experience to help you throughout the process. Call Manhattan Physical Therapy today at (212) 213-3480 to discuss your treatment program.