Suspension Therapy

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Suspension Therapy

Suspension Therapy services offered in New York, NY

At Manhattan Physical Therapy in Midtown Manhattan, skilled physical therapist Erica Cole, PT, DPT, and her team offer the prestigious Redcord® suspension therapy system to help you heal from injuries, recover from surgery, and rebalance your body safely. Suspension therapy provides a pain-free way to provide gentle traction and work with weakened or injured muscle groups and restore their function. To learn more, reach out to the New York City office by phone or online today.

What is suspension therapy?

The Redcord® suspension therapy system was developed to improve the function of your neuromuscular system. It involves an ingenious suspension system to give you a sensation similar to being in water, challenging your muscle groups to coordinate and stabilize you.

From here, under the supervision of your Manhattan Physical Therapy provider, you can perform exercises in different positions. You may lie on your back, side, or stomach, or be asked to sit, kneel, or stand.

How does the Redcord suspension therapy system work?

Redcord therapies are chosen specifically to identify and address muscle weakness or imbalances while ensuring that your training remains safely controlled and pain-free. 

It allows muscles that are tight or spasming to relax, and encourages other muscles (especially those in your vitally important core) to work. This gives you better postural muscle strength, making your core feel more stable. 

Suspension therapy is also a valuable tool for postsurgical rehabilitation, as it can enable you to start the healing process sooner without risking injury to recovering tissues.

Can suspension therapy help me?

Likely, yes, and your provider is happy to discuss the benefits of Redcord suspension therapy. The team at Manhattan Physical Therapy typically sees much faster results with it than from other alternatives. It can address a range of conditions, including:

  • Neck and back pain
  • Hip and knee pain
  • Tendonitis
  • Foot pain and ankle sprains
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Shoulder, elbow, and wrist injuries
  • Herniated and slipped discs

This treatment offers fast and effective pain relief, often after only one visit. Patients can return for a free follow-up visit if they didn’t quite achieve their desired results after one session. This treatment is suitable for most patients since it’s noninvasive and requires no medications.

An important component of suspension therapy is retraining your body to move properly. When you’ve been living with chronic pain, your body finds ways to adapt to stay as functional as possible. Unfortunately, these new movement patterns don’t address the root causes of pain and can create new problems over time.

By relearning healthy ways to move, suspension therapy prevents your injury from recurring and others from cropping up — breaking bad habits once and for all.

To learn more about Redcord suspension therapy, call the office or reach out to Manhattan Physical Therapy online today.