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Bell's Palsy

Bell's Palsy services offered in New York, NY

Every year, tens of thousands of new Bell’s palsy cases are reported in the United States, and the sudden loss of facial control can be alarming. At Manhattan Physical Therapy in Midtown Manhattan, skilled physical therapist Erica Cole, PT, DPT, and her team offer a dedicated Bell’s palsy program to reverse facial paralysis and help you smile again. Learn more today by calling the New York City office or reaching out online.

What is Bell’s palsy?

Bell’s palsy is a condition that affects the seventh cranial nerve, causing facial weakness or paralysis, often on only one side of the face. It can be alarming, since symptoms occur suddenly and without an apparent cause.

The most common symptoms include:

  • Difficulty with chewing and swallowing when eating
  • A loss of taste
  • Decreased ability to make tears
  • Problems speaking
  • Being unable to shut one or both of your eyes completely
  • Pain or ringing in your ears

Seek prompt medical attention if you experience one or more of these symptoms. The faster you get a diagnosis, the faster you can begin targeted treatments to restore proper function.

Am I at risk for Bell’s palsy?

You may be at a greater risk of Bell’s palsy if you:

  • Are pregnant
  • Have diabetes
  • Suffer from upper respiratory ailments

Bell’s palsy is more likely to affect seniors than children, and it impacts men and women equally.

How can physical therapy help me recover from Bell’s palsy?

Manhattan Physical Therapy has a dedicated Bell’s palsy program to effectively reverse facial paralysis. Your treatment may include:

Laser therapy

This innovative, noninvasive therapy is especially beneficial for patients who can’t undergo steroid treatments for Bell’s palsy, including those who have diabetes or hypertension. Laser therapy increases the functional activity of your damaged nerves and prevents degeneration.

Daily facial exercises to restore function

Facial muscle exercises aim to slowly restore your nerves’ correct pathways, traveling smoothly from your brain to nerves to muscles. 

Working with a trained medical professional ensures you’re working the areas that need to respond properly and helps you avoid the “cross-wiring” of nerves that can accompany Bell’s palsy.

As you continue your exercises, you’re able to make voluntary facial movements that look and feel natural.

Alternative therapies

Depending on the severity of your case, your provider may suggest other treatments designed to protect and regenerate the cells of your nervous system to speed your recovery.

The Manhattan Physical Therapy team is available to ease your anxieties and work step by step to literally put a smile on your face. Get started without delay by calling the New York City office or reaching out online today.